Occupational Physiotherapy

Occupational Physiotherapy


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Occupational physiotherapy services are part of the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and WorkSafe Victoria’s (WorkSafe) commitment to achieving better health and return-to-work outcomes for TAC clients and injured workers.

What is an occupational physiotherapist?

An occupational physiotherapist is a registered physiotherapist with experience in the management of musculoskeletal conditions, particularly in relation to assisting injured staff to remain at or to return to work.

Who can access occupational physiotherapy services?

Occupational physiotherapy services may be appropriate for TAC clients and injured workers who have:

  • an accepted WorkSafe or TAC claim
  • musculoskeletal injuries and
  • require assistance to stay at or have the potential to return to work.

TAC clients and injured workers can choose which occupational physiotherapist or general physiotherapist to see. Occupational physiotherapy is another option for TAC clients and injured workers to consider in their rehabilitation, recovery and return to work.

Benefits for you

Occupational physiotherapists can provide you with:

  • regular communication with all those involved in a TAC or WorkSafe claim. The occupational physiotherapist will work with you, the injured person and any other healthcare providers (such as the injured persons doctor) to assist with their recovery, rehabilitation and return to work
  • the benefits of their experience in the management of musculoskeletal conditions, particularly with assisting injured people in remaining at or returning to work. Occupational physiotherapists can assist you with planning for and implementing return to work
  • experience with TAC and WorkSafe claims, and assistance with policies and processes.

Benefits for TAC clients and injured workers

An occupational physiotherapist can provide TAC clients and injured workers and with:

  • treatment utilising their skills and experience that focuses on rehabilitation and assistance in remaining at or returning to work
  • the ability to book an appointment when needed
  • comprehensive assessment, treatment and ongoing monitoring throughout the rehabilitation process that is tailored to meet their individual needs
  • assistance with regular communication between you, your injured worker and their doctor to help manage the injury and your worker to remain at or return to work
  • guidance and clear explanation about TAC and WorkSafe policies and procedures.

Difference between occupational physiotherapists and other physiotherapists

Occupational physiotherapy is another option to general physiotherapy services. Occupational physiotherapists differ from general physiotherapists in that they:

  • are clinically audited to ensure the services they provide meet TAC and WorkSafe requirements
  • use different forms to report information. Occupational physiotherapists will provide you with an initial assessment and discharge report which is different to the forms used by general physiotherapists.

How to find an occupational physiotherapist

Choosing a healthcare provider is completely up to the TAC client or injured worker. However, you may wish to discuss the option of occupational physiotherapy with your worker and their doctor. A list of occupational physiotherapists is available on the TAC and WorkSafe websites.

For more information

If you’d like more information about occupational physiotherapists, please:

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