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Aloysius Ng

Aloysius Ng

Since his school days, Aloysius has always been fascinated by the study of human movement. He strongly believes that every individual should have the right to live a healthy life free from physical pain and dysfunction, and it is this belief that has led him to eventually complete his Master of Physiotherapy Practice at La Trobe University. 

Having had experience as an AFL sports trainer, Aloysius takes on a keen interest in the rehabilitation of sporting injuries, is passionate about strength and conditioning and dedicated to helping his patients achieve their functional goals through exercise-based rehab and living an active lifestyle. He loves a good diagnostic challenge and takes pride in being a physio who takes time to listen to his patients. 

Aloysius is fluent in Mandarin and operates mainly out of the Epping clinic. 

Outside of work, he can be found either in the gym or on the basketball court working on his post moves. 

“If Aloysius was a superhero, his superpower would be…being able to wake up in the morning without snoozing 74 times”

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