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Sali Gilo

Sali Gilo

Sali enjoys working with people from different cultures, and takes the time to listen, allowing her clients to be comfortable to share their beliefs, previous experiences and empowering them to have a positive attitude.  She believes that ‘things might look dark but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.’

Sali uses a holistic approach of hands-on therapy, exercises and education. She has a special area of interest in spinal pain conditions including back, cervical pain and the associated migraines or headaches, and has had great results working with TAC and WorkSafe clients.

Sali is fluent in Aramaic (Chaldean/Assyrian), Arabic, and English.

Outside of the clinic, she enjoys training at the gym, horse riding, and spending time with the family.

“Sali believes that looks can deceive (petite but strong 🙂.”

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