Our Staff

Kellie McGrath

Kellie has been a physiotherapist for 32 years, and part owner of Epping Physiotherapy, which was established in 1994.

Kellie knows that an integral part of the client-therapist relationship is communication – ‘the client knows their body best’. By taking the time to listen, Kellie provides the client with exactly what they need to make a great recovery. Kellie finds physiotherapy an exciting and fulfilling profession; she has a true love of her work. ‘Every day is a joy for me to come to work. I enjoy meeting people, and get great satisfaction when they walk out my door feeling much better.’

Kellie enjoys working with all conditions, and has special expertise in neck pain, headaches, jaw pain and shoulder pain. Her approach is very hands-on with an emphasis on manual techniques including massage and dry-needling.

Kellie has a busy family life with two teens. She loves the outdoors, hiking, biking and skiing.

“If Kellie was a superhero, her superpower would be… to eat entire blocks of Cadbury Mint chocolate without feeling sick.” (Not sponsored by Cadbury)

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